Support of project management and project offices

PM Optimal supports your project management or consults your project offices. Here, we use both company-specific and own PM methods. We accompany all phases of your project and take over the following tasks:

  1. Project definition
    • Determination of the project's targets
    • Project environment analysis
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Risk management
  2. Project planning
    • Definition of the project's organization
    • Project phases planning
    • Planning of execution and milestones
    • Effort estimation and resources planning
  3. Project control
    • Establishing of gremiums and reporting structures
    • Project reporting
    • Analyses (e.g. Milestones Trend Analysis, MTA)
    • Preparation and execution of milestone reviews
  4. Project closure
    • Creation of project closure reports
    • Project closure analyses
    • Execution of lessons learned workshops to collect and safeguard the experiences obtained in the projects
    • Setup and operation of a project's knowledge/experiences database


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